2020 Xi Epsilon Omega Officers


Linda Seay, President

Alicia Givens, Vice-President

Sylvia Wright, Recording Secretary

Martha Younger, Treasurer

Mary Hood, Financial Secretary

Connie Moss, Recording Secretary

Cecelia Henderson, Parliamentarian

Barbara Brown, Chaplain

Ruth Cathey, Public Relations

Aida Stewart, Archivist/Historian

Sonia Burgin, Membership Chairman

Christine Farrow, Hostess

Marion Mayfield, Sergeant at Arms


Linda Seay, President


Alicia Givens, Vice-President


Executive Board Members

Officers ready, willing, and able to serve!

Past Presidents


1st President - Louis McCoullum

2nd President - Mary Alice Brown

3rd President - Edith Robinson

4th President - Patricia Franklin

5th President - Sandra Walker

6th President - Rita Fraiser

7th President - Paula Prince

8th President - Linda Seay

9th President - Madrene Kemp

10th President - Mary Ruth Morrow-Kapsiak

11th President & Current - Linda F. Seay